Bring Out the Clowns

Camera 14MP-9PC
Clownfish Anenomefish


There are over 30 different species of Clownfish that live in the ocean. You can sometimes see over three different species at one dive site. The personality of these creatures are perfectly depicted by the main character in the movie Nemo. This breed of fish will not think twice of trying to take you on when they are defending their family and home.  Even though they may be extremely small. They think the belongs to them and you have no right being there in their ocean.
As you are diving and come upon an anemone that a clownfish has made their home. You may be treated to clownfish swimming directly in front of you to try to frighten you off. They are very protective over their home. You’ll normally be confronted by the female clownfish first. She is normally found to be more aggressive than the male. If you try to get near the anemone they will actually give a little dance trying to frighten you away. They will dodge back to the anemone then dodge right back in front of your face. If your not careful, and piss them off they will actually start nipping at you. Their bites will not take chunks out of your skin, but it’s enough of a pinch to make you realize they are very defensive little creatures.

Camera 14MP-9PC
Yellow Clownfish

One of the most common clownfish that I have seen on my dives here in Okinawa, Japan are the tomato clownfish. The reason they get the name tomato clownfish is their dark reddish color. They have one band of white on the front part of their body. Another species of clownfish that I have seen on dives here in Okinawa, Japan is the yellow clownfish. These clownfish instead of being the orange or a red orange are actually a pale yellow with the same marking as a clownfish anenomefish (the breed the Nemo is based off of).

These creatures are definitely amazing to watch and observe when exploring the other seventy-one percent of the earth.

Camera 14MP-9PC
Tomato Clownfish

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