Why Dive

Camera 14MP-9PC

Many people always talk about things they should have done in their life time. If you talk to a scuba diver they will probably tell you that they don’t regret that they ever took up the sport of diving. The day they did their first open water dive it opened a world that would change their life in and out of the water. Many of those divers may only stay certified as an open water diver. Others may go on to become some of the most influential people of the dive industry from commercial diving to recreational diving.


Just over a year ago I did my first open water dive. That first open water dive changed my life. It opened my eyes to what laid below the surface of the ocean. It made me realize that pictures and videos of the under water world didn’t even do justice for how magnificient it is seeing a whole coral reef from 60ft under. You forget about the hustle and bustle of the world that surrounded you above the water. That project that is due on Monday at work no longer matters. All that matters is that your in the ocean seeing an octopus crawl across the reef three feet in front of you, or enjoying a quiet swim with a hawkbill turtle.

Camera 14MP-9PC
There’s no glass in between this beautiful animal and myself

Since I started diving it brought me over the fear of water, it also showed me how to problem solve, and it has given me a group of close friends. Since that day I have come to look forward to a dive into the ocean. Where for awhile the hustle and bustle of human life doesn’t exist. That all there is the silence of the ocean life and the beautiful landscape of the coral reef surrounding you. I no longer second guess when I do a open-stride entrance or rollback into water. I now look forward to that moment where the cool water surrounds and the world changes to that quiet solitude of the underwater world. I look forward to seeing something new at the dive site that I have dove over twenty times.




Camera 14MP-9PC
Intove IC14 edited with Adobe Lightroom taken at 60ft/18.5m

As I explored the underwater world I  took up the hobby of underwater photography, so I could share the beauty of the underwater world with my family and friends. Taking up the hobby of underwater photography showed me that I don’t just want to take photography just because, but to also make it a profession. So I may share the beauty of that world with those who do not have the chance to experience it for themselves.

Not only has diving gave me the interest to become a underwater photographer, but has made want to become a PADI dive master. Going through the advanced open water course, rescue diver course, deep diver course, and Nitrox course gave me even more reasons to further my education in diving. They have all challenged me differently then the other some physically and others mentally, but it has given me tools to be a better diver in and out of the water.
My recommendation for any one that keeps saying I should try diving. DO IT!! You don’t know until you try it. Maybe diving may not be your thing, or maybe you will fall so much in love with the underwater world that you become a marine biologist. Give this underwater world a try it’s like nothing you will ever experience on land.

For more photos that I have taken please visit my Tumblr at maedrewes.tumblr.com


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