Manmade Reefs

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As a diver there are many different types of reefs that you can explore. One of those types of reefs that you can explore are actually made by humans. With many coral reefs being destroyed by humans, warming water temperatures, and natural destruction. Scientist have come up with a way to recycle ships and other large objects to benefit the underwater environment. They have even learned on how to build structures that many marine animals will start creating their homes.

Building these structures allow underwater communities to start growing. The structure provides the foundation for the coral reef and micro organisms to grow. Once the structure can support fish and other marine animals they will start habiting the structures.  The hope is that over time the structures will grow to be full healthy coral reefs that provide a natural habitat to many species of animals.

Off of the east side of the island of Okinawa there are two man made structures. Both of these structures are metal cubes stacked to form a structure that resembles a hill. As you can see in the main image and the first image. I had the chance to dive the shallow cubes also known as small cubes depending on who you talk to. The deepest you are able to, depending on the tide, is about 40ft.

As we enjoyed swimming through and around the cubes we were able to see some awesome creatures. We found three decently sized lion fish, a hermit crab, and two white-eyed Moray eels. There were also many coral formations that were starting to develop on the cube structures. This man-made reef is starting to become a very active coral reef. Hopefully in years to come it is a full and thriving habitat for all marine animals.




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