The Human Connection of Diving

Not only is there amazing friends to find in the water. You can also find many friends in the world of scuba diving on land.

It can also be a great way to enjoy a day away with family. Enjoying the piece and quiet of a different world has a way of soothing the soul. You will end up bonding during your surface intervals while enjoying the great outdoors. These enjoyments help to give your family a story to tell in the future.

I began diving with my youngest sister over a year ago. We started with our open water dive certification. Since then we have made many memories diving together. Stories that we will remember as we grow older.We have had the privilege to travel to other islands to enjoy the world of diving. We have also had the opportunity to enjoy diving with turtles and some massive tuna. It gave me and my sister an amazing time together.

As I have had many opportunities to dive with other divers as dive buddies. I have meant some really incredible people. I have enjoyed many interesting conversations during surface intervals in between dives with people from all over the world. They have made my weekends very memorable especially while living in Okinawa, Japan. Not many activities can you experience with complete strangers and find a bond and connection all in one afternoon.

Having the opportunity to meet people that have such a diverse background is one of the best opportunities one can have. Not only seeing fascinating marine life under the water is an enjoyment of scuba diving, but so is finding people to share the enjoyment and thrill of the underwater ecosystem.

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Manmade Reefs

When diving there are many destinations to be seen. One of those destinations are being created by mankind to help regrow the underwater world.